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Team Member Portal

This webpage will have all the information you need as a team member here at Lakeshore Design!

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Recent News & Updates

News & Recent Updates

These updates are important. You are expected to check in each month to update your self on these changes so that you are informed when you come into the studio. They are updated every month on the 1st.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2023! Welcome back to the studio, we are excited for another year of amazing design and fun!

Team Portal

This webpage is where you can get ALL of your information about Lakeshore Design. Upcoming news, deadlines, materials etc... Check in on this page whenever you need a question answered.


At Lakeshore Design, we believe that good design can change everything.

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Our Story & Mission

Welcome to Lakeshore Design Company! Where creativity and innovation come together to bring your vision to life.


Good design has the power to transform spaces and enhance experiences, and our team of talented designers are extremely passionate about helping uncover your creative expression. Whether you're looking to build a new site for your business idea, refresh your brand image, or bring a new product to market, we're here to help!


With a passion for excellence and a commitment to client satisfaction, we're ready to work with you to turn your ideas into a stunning reality. Let's create something amazing together.

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Lakeshore Design Company

Graphic Design
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Logo Design


A good logo should meet the following criteria:

1. Legibility - Imagine you are driving down the highway at 120km/h and you pass by a small sign with your logo on it, you should be able to read it. That means clear, legible letters and contrasting colours.

2. Flexibility - The logo you design should be able to fit, and suit the layout of multiple different mediums such as: A storefront sign, uniforms, business cards, website, car decals, stickers, products etc..

3. Tasteful - The logo should be exactly in the style that the client is looking for, not in your personal style. You can add some personal flair, but ultimately, it needs to be unique to the clients tastes and what they sent as inspiration examples.

Logo Delivery

How to Deliver a Logo

New Team Members

Welcome to Lakeshore Design!
We are very excited to welcome you as part of our talented team!

Here is a checklist of the following things that we need from you before you begin. Once you have all the materials, email them in a SINGLE email to

New Teachers
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