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Web Design Toronto

A stream of Quality Client Leads.
All without lifting a finger

"We started making sales within 32 days"
"From 50 monthly visits to over 1000"
"Doubled our Traffic"

Hey there,

We are a Windsor-based marketing and design company that specializes in business growth.


Good marketing has the power to make or break your business. My team and I are extremely passionate about helping uncover the TRUE potential of what your business can do! 

Joey Tyler


Lakeshore Design Company

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In the initial step, we collect visuals that highlight your craftsmanship. These form the foundation of our strategy, serving to attract a greater number of potential clients to your business.


Next, we launch ads based on the content we've collected. These ads are strategically designed and placed on popular social media platforms to capture clients attention.


Finally, we collect information from individuals who are genuinely interested in your services. Prioritising quote-ready leads and eliminating tire kickers.

Our Process

6 Reasons why you're gonna LOVE working with us!

1. No funny business

We don't lock you into a marketing contract like other agencies. Every campaign is month to month. Its either you are making money, or not! If we aren't making you money, FIRE US!

3. In the loop

We use our special Lakeshore Design client app that will keep you connected with our team so you know what is going on at all times!

5. No Hidden Fees

The price we give you, is the price its going to be. We have no hidden charges, extra costs etc...

2. Your voice is heard

We listen to your concerns, opinions and likes and dislikes. This is a partnership and we will craft your brand how YOU want it. We have open communication and transparency with you. You will always know where every dollar is going to.

4. Small Business Experts

We are not some disconnected company that only works with enterprise level businesses, and all other small business gets brushed to the side. We are very familiar with the "Small Business Grind" and we know exactly how to make you succeed.

6. You're gonna have fun

Growing a business is our PASSION! And we like to have fun with it. While working with us, we will take away the stress and let you get back to the things you love about your business.

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Within 30 days, or You Don't Pay!

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